OpenCl programming GT 750M

Hi guys,

What is the best environment to compile OPenCl projects for Geforce GT 750M cards in Linux/Ubuntu/64 bits? What is the best driver version? What is the supported OPenCl version?

I’m also looking for OpenCl code samples.

Thanks in advance,

Any recent driver version will do. Only OpenCL 1.0 is supported, and it doesn’t seem like NVIDIA will offer any further support… The OpenCL standalone code samples are here:

As I pointed in another thread today, NVIDIA has not updated these samples to work out of the box without path changes/modifying the corresponding makefiles for CUDA toolkit versions >= 5.5. The last version of CUDA that contains the OpenCL samples with the SDK is 4.2, so I’d recommend that as a starting point so that you don’t have to waste time trying to ‘fix’ the samples.

As far as environment… don’t code much in Linux, so I can’t expand on that.