OpenCL.lib with new drivers 195.39 beta

You provide new driver 195.39 beta with OpenCL 1.0 support and with OpenCL.dll but this new dll is not compatible with OpenCL.lib of the latest SDK
Where i can find OpenCL.lib which runs with the latest version of OpenCL.dll

The new opencl.dll has the same binding with ATI’s OpenCL implementation, so you can try ATI’s Stream SDK beta 4 as a temporary solution. I’ve tried it and my OpenCL program linked with ATI’s lib run well with the beta driver’s opencl.dll.

I will test it
thanks a lot
I have test it with a very simple example, i linked with OpenCL.lib of ATI’s Stream SDK Beta 4 and i run with OpenCL.dll of the new driver 195.39 beta but i have a NULL Context in :
cxGPUContext = clCreateContextFromType(0, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, NULL, NULL, &ciErr1);

However i have not install new beta driver because i have some problem with this new driver but i have only expand OpenCL.dl_ to OpenCL.dll and the size is 68ko compare to 1670 ko of the latest version (maybe the debug mode)
Do you think that i have to run the new drivers and not only expand OpenCL.dll?


Is this new driver, 195.39 beta, a beta of OpenCL or the display driver in general? Both the public OpenCL & partner areas show a 190.89 for windows. OpenCL bug reports show some fixed-In testing statuses, so it looks like progress continues. I am dynamically loading the DLL, via Java, and do not care about the SDK other than for samples. Is there anything new in 195.39 OpenCL wise, that just happened be the latest when the display driver came out?

The new OpenCL.dll in the new driver 195.39 beta fix several bugs but it does not work with OpenCL.lib of the latest SKD is compatible with the OpenCL.lib of ATI stream beta 4 but i don’t succeed to run it…

I think you need the new driver installed. The old OpenCL.dll is big because it did all the translation thing. The new (smaller) opencl.dll certainly needs something else in the new driver, so merely expand the dll is not enough.

Thanks a lot

Includes some fixes to run some samples and insight about failing example

Nvidia samples AMD drivers…amd-opencl.html

Nvidia samples Nvidia 195 driver…-opencl_05.html

AMD samples Nvidia 195 driver…195-opencl.html

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in cuda 3.0 we have the right OpenCL.lib and the good include files