A4000 Resizeable Bar support

When will there be support for Resizeable Bar on the A4000 card. I use mine for Video Production and this is something that will increase the performance of the software doing the Video Mixing (vMix). It is available on the A6000 and on the laptop versions of the A4000 cards but not on the Desktop cards.

Hello @frank46 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

The Desktop or rather workstation GPU RTX A4000 does indeed already support Resizable Bar.

How did you determine that it does not?

There are some preparation steps to get it to work on specific systems, but Hardware wise it is supported.

A good place to see all the details on the feature is actually the Geforce RTX 30 series page on the topic. Even if this is not directly about Quadro cards, the requirements section as well as the links to resources are applicable for those as well.

Let us know if this helps.


Hi Markus,

You are correct and I have managed to get it to work this week. It was my error in not understanding the exact setup for my Motherboard BIOS as I got CSM and CAM mixed up.

The reason I thought it didn’t support is because that was the answer I got from Nvidia Tech Support. I had a online chat with Nvidia support and they said that it wasn’t supported on the A4000. On the press release it only states that it is supported the mobile cards.

Just to confirm I have no got it to work and that was by going back into my BIOS settings and changing them to enable CAM.

Thanks for the message.

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Perfect, thank you!

Good to hear you could progress!

Would you mind sharing which channel you used for technical support?
I don’t want a name of course, just if it was through email phone, chat or something else.

That way we can try and improve our support channels.

Thank you again!

Hi it was via the webchat on the Nvidia Developer website and when I asked the question she replied that she would found out from the Graphics Department and she later replied that it wasn’t available on the A4000 card.

Thank you again!