Resizable Bar

Hi. Why Nvidia’s Turing Architecture based Gpu like GTX 16 and RTX 20 series doesn’t support Resizable Bar? Those GPUs are capable of Resizable Bar Technology. Why NVIDIA still Doesn’t give the Support to those gpus.

Hi there @samigt1660 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Adding the Resizable BAR feature to older GPUs is not as simple as one might think. But regardless, whether this is possible or not and whether NVIDIA decides to do this or not is an entirely internal process that we cannot discuss publicly. That is why I am not able to give you an answer to your question.


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Hi, Sir. Then how can I send this kind of request to the internal developers so that they can think about this topic. Can you forward this request to the internal developers who can do the task? I know giving Resizeable Bar support is not that easy for older gpus. If its hard to implement for Nvidia then it is also hard for AMD too. But AMD gave Resizeable Bar support to their old Gen gpus witch came the same year as Turing gpus. If they can give support to their older customer then why NVIDIA cannot do? They can obviously do i believe.

The input and requests from developers here in the forums and in other places like support channels and GeForce forums are reported to the right people already, rest assured.

And what reasoning AMD had to add this feature to old GPUs is something I don’t know and also cannot comment about.