A6000 with tensorflow 1.15.2

I am trying to use tensorflow version 1.15.2 with cuda 11. But tensorflow 1.15.2 require cuda 10. Is there any way to use cuda 11 with tensorflow 1.15.2 because A6000 works best with cuda 11 only. I want to do this without any docker image already tried images provided by NVIDIA NGC.

Hi @hpathak336,
This question might be better suited for CUDA Setup and Installation - NVIDIA Developer Forums forum, I have moved it there.

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Hi @hpathak336,

I think they can use 1.15, even we have latest container with CUDA 11.0 support

Can you try using TF v1.15.5. You can use below NGC container to avoid any system level dependencies.


Thanks @SunilJB for the response will try that container.