About 03_video_cuda_enc GOP

hi all ,now i test the sample 03_video_cuda_enc , i want to know how much is the GOP when i use the h264 enc,
i can not found that enc parameter can be set ,whether the enc GOP is a fixed value?

The demonstration of setting I/IDR interval is in 01_video_encode. Please refer to it and add the options to 03_video_cuda_enc:

        -ifi <interval>       I-frame Interval [Default = 30]
        -idri <interval>      IDR Interval [Default = 256]

hi DaneLLL ,thanks for your answer ,another question is that whether the encode raw data can be NV21 format ,i do not found that support NV21 yuv format encode ,so why?

NV21 is not supported. Please check hardware capability in document: