About PNG Compression On CUDA

I want to compress image with lossless alg, such as PNG
My image is very large, about 300M gray-image, so, it will run very slowly if it is on CPU
So, I want to compress it with CUDA, my GPU is Quadro M2000
I can’t find any API/interface in CUDA’s existing libs, So,
1).I want to know is there the similar API in CUDA’s existing libs?
2).I want to know is there anyone has the above ALG based CUDA?
Waiting for response, thank you very much.

An API similar to what? I am aware of efforts to speed up JPEG compression/decompression with CUDA, I do not recall ever coming across CUDA-based PNG compression code. Have you performed a thorough internet search?

A quick search of Google Scholar yields a few papers that deal with LZ-type compression or decompression on GPUs. The performance gains appear to be in the 2x to 4x range compared to CPU-based implementations, suggesting that this is a task not particularly well suited to GPUs. A recent paper of this nature dealing with decompression can be found here. I am mentioning it because its list of references may be helpful with regard to compression.

Evangelia Sitaridi, Rene Mueller, Tim Kaldewey, Guy Lohman and Kenneth A. Ross,
“Massively-Parallel Lossless Data Decompression”