image compression with CUDA for multiple sources in parallel

  1. Can CUDA significantly accelerate image compression?
  2. What is the most accelerated image compression algorithm using CUDA?
  3. Does anyone have benchmarks for CUDA image compression for JPEG, JPEG2000, JPEG-LS, other?
  4. The most important question is whether CUDA can do that in parallel for different images in large sizes and can it be done for performance of 1920x1200 at 30 fps. Assume that in parallels it will require to compress 8 or 16 images of 1920x1200 32-bit color each at 30 fps. Can this be done? If not, how many images would theoretically be able to compress in parallel? The 8 or 16 images can actually be considered as one very large image of 15,360x1200 (for 8 images of 1920x1200) or 15,360x2400 (16 images of 1920x1200).

Thank you.

  1. I think yes,

expessually iff

1.1 image compression algorithm have a good portion of SINE or other trigonometric calculations

1.2 algorithm will be adopted for SIMD style of computing

  1. see example for video codec in real time in CUDA SDK it can code 2 hours video in 30 minutes.