About schematic of Jetson Nano development kit

I have a Jetson Nano development kit, and it P/N is 945-13450-0000-000.
The carrier P/N is 180-13449-DAAF-A02.

There are 2 carrier schematics can be downloaded in website, one is released on 2020/01/15(schematic-1)(for version B01) and the other is on 2019/06/24(schematic-2). The schematic-2 seems not to correspond with version A02 carrier.
For example, Schematic-2 have one CSI connector, same as A02, but IC U21 is different to A02 carrier, U21 on schematic-2 is 8-pin, the actual IC U21 on carrier A02 is 5-pin.

  1. How many versions of carrier are there?
  2. Which version of carrier is schematic-2 used for?
  3. Is there schematic for carrier A02?


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Hi, the current reference schematics are not the whole sch of dev kit carrier board, they are just reference to customer to do own design. A02 schematic is not released either.