Schematics for Jetson Nano Carrier board


I bought the Jetson Nano Module:

Now I want to create adapter boards to equip the Jetson Nano with several sensors. To do this successfully I would like to have the Jetson Nano Carrier board schematics. Could you please provide this schematics for the related Carrier board version.

I thank you very much for your support.

Best regards, Markus

Here they are and
Also, make sure that you have B01 Jetson, before installing it into YOUR custom board, because this schematics is ONLY for B01 (P3449) and not for A02 (P3448).

P3448 is P/N of module board not A02. And yes, all docs in DLC are for production module design (compatible to B01 module).

Thank you very much. This helps a lot. I saw I have the Jetson Nano Model: P3450

So I checked the schematics and unfortunately I saw that the 4-Lane MIPI of the Jetson Nano is not forwarded to the J2 or J49 plugs. This is a pity!

Is there a Jetson Nano Carrier board which makes the 4-Lane MIPI Port of the SoM accessible?

Thanks for the answer.

BYe, Markus

4-lane mipi port are left test points on dev kit board. You can check vendors in ecosystem to see if any custom board route that out to connector.