Regarding Jetson Nano module interface review

Hello NVIDIA Support,

We have designed carrier board using Jetson Nano module. We have taken care about design of individual sections like power, USB, ethernet, PCIe–> Ethernet, PSE, HDMI, etc. However, we are willing to get review of interface section of Jetson Nano to various peripherals, power ON/OFF logic, GPIO level translation, etc. Jetson product design guide, Jetson datasheet & carrier board schematic were used as reference for our design.

Here interface means connection of Jetson Nano pins to relevant peripherals with/ without level translation.

Please let us know your response so I could forward schematic to some email ID in private mode.


The OEM DG and reference schematic are what we provide for custom design. Customer only need to follow that well to make a successful design. We don’t support schematic review in general. If meet any specific problem, you can file a topic for that.