Jetson Dev. Kit Vs Jetson Module

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Just a question to remove my doubt:

The Jetson Dev. Kit has just one MIPI connector, which not allow multiples cameras support (Not USB).
The Jetson Module can accept 4 cameras MIPI 2 lanes.

In this case, If I want to use 4 cameras, I will need to develop my own dev board for the Jeston Module.
That’s right ?

Thank you for your help.

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Yes, on devkit only CSI0 and CSI2 are routed out to connectors. CSI1, CSI3 and CSI4 are only connected to TPs. Also you can refer to design guide in DLC for 4 cameras connection.

Hello Trumany,

Thanks for your informations.
So actually with the Nano dev board, it’s impossible.
Do I really need to buy the Jetson Module or using the one I have (Dev kit) and build my own dev board ?


The module is same, no need to buy another one if you already had. Your own carrier board is necessary to implement 4 CSI cameras design.

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This is what I was thinking.
Do you know when Nvidia will launch the Dev Board design schematic for the Nano ?

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No ETA yet, please keep following updates in DLC.

Ok thank you.