Interfacing a camera with Jetson NX Development kit

I working on an application where I need to integrate a camera module (KLT Camera Modules) with Jetson NX Development Kit.

This camera module supports MIPI CSI protocol but it features AXE640124 (40 position) connector, however the development kit has different onboard connector.

How do I go about connecting this camera module with the development kit using MIPI CSI?


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Tom K

A convert cable or jumping wires is necessary for this kind of connecting.

Thank you. Can you suggest an appropriate connector to connect this camera module - KLT Camera Modules

Secondly, I am making my own camera module as well. Please advise on which connector I should use on my camera module so that it can be easily connected with the connector available on the Jetson NX Development Kit.

We don’t have such recommendation for 3rd-party device. For the devkit connector info, you can refer to the BOM and schematic of devkit carrier board in DLC.

I understand you can not comment on third party components.

Can you please tell me the exact part number (specification) of the MIPI CSI connector available on Jetson NX Development Kit so that I can select an appropriate mating connector for the camera module I am designing?

You can find the answer in BOM of devkit in DLC. It’s 1-1734248-5, manufacture is TE Connectivity Ltd.

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Thank you.

Hi, I understand that MIPI CSI protocol supports upto 4 MIPI lanes. This Jetson Xavier NX board has two 15 pin MIPI connectors each supporting two lanes. Does it mean that four MIPI lanes are divided among two connectors on the Board? Please confirm.

Secondly, If I want to use all four lanes of MIPI in a single application. Does it mean that I will have to combine the two connectors on Jetson kit by some external circuitry?

No, why do you think a x4 camera can be divided to x2 connector…? If you are not familiar with CSI camera, you can check with camera vendor for how to connect it.

Thank you for your reply but I dont understand your response. The CSI camera module I am using has 4 MIPI lanes but NVIDIA Jetson board has two MIPI connectors with 2 MIPI lanes each. So my question was how to connect a 4 lane camera having single camera connector with NVIDIA jetson kit?
I dont think camera vendor will be able to give any suggestion here.

Your x4 camera can NOT be connected to devkit.

Even if somehow I use both the CSI connectors avaible on Jetson Xavier Kit together (like by making a adapter board)?

Thank you for your prompt response.

No, it can’t work as CSI0 can not be combined with CSI2. Please read the design guide first.

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