MIPI match signals on Jetson series

I’m looking for informations for developping my own Jetson NANO/Xavier NX board. In detail, I read

But I can’t find and information about the matching of signals when I want to use 4 lanes on MIPI camera. For example, if my sensor has CSI_D0/D1/D2/D3, how I need to place these lanes on CSI0_D0/D1 and CS1_D0/D1? Could this be like following?

CSI0_D0 D0
CSI0_D1 D1
CSI1_D0 D2
CSI1_D1 D3

Thanks for the help

Please refer to OEM DG in DLC. There is x4 lane design example in it. Basically the connections should be D0 to D0, D1 to D1…etc.

tks for the help. As I can see, there isn’t a OEM DG for Jetson Nano or Xavier NX, could you point out exacly what document you refer to?

Please search “Product Design Guide” in it.

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