Jetson Nano 4 lane MIPI

Hi, I am using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit and I want to make a project. The project is to make a 4K60p picture with a single camera. I red some articles about the MIPI-CSI2 and I have some questions about that. Can I use the NVIDIA Jetson Nano to reach the 4 lane MIPI data transfer? (I red in the Tegra’s datasheet the Tegra can handle the 4 lane, but in the devkit the Tegra only uses 2 lanes) I am looked for a carrier board to reach the 4 lane MIPI the carrier board’s link: JN30A carrier board for Jetson Nano Dev. Kit rev. 3 (PoE PSE) – Auvidea If I am using this carrier board can I reach the 4 lane MIPI with the NVIDIA Jetson nano devkit’s card? And my last question is: The 15 pin FFC cable’s pinout have only 2 data lane pairs how can I solve that problem to get 4 lane MIPI data transfer (what kind of connector I need)?

Thanks the answers!

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I think customized carrier board are the right way for using 4 lanes sensor.
For the 15 pin FFC cable’s you may need to check with carrier board design vendor for support camera instead the Pi camera with 15 pin cable.