4-lane MIPI interface configuration on 3449 B01


We are working on a project based on our Jetson Nano 3449 B01. The B01 has 2 2-lane MIPI interfaces, but we are using a MIPI interface with a 4-lane protocol.

How can I design an adapter board to meet the 4-lane MIPI protocol by using the 2 2-lane interfaces?


I’m afraid that we cannot design a adapter board to trasfer the 2-lane CSI on 3449 B01 to 4-lane. Because the 4-lane CSI requires CSI_A+CSI_B, while the 2-lane on 3449 is CSI_A, CSI_C. The CSI_B is not connected.

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Unless we redesign the B01 Carrier board to populate the CSI_B pins, right?
Another question: Is there any Nvidia platform that support a 4-lane protocol/interface for clients?

You can check all Jetson devkit user guide in DLC. But we don’t recommend customer to use devkit to a product.

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Thank you for your replies. After checked all Jetson devkit, all carrier boards populated only 2-lane MIPI mode signals onto MIPI connectors.
I decided to modify the 3449 B01 carrier board to populate all 4-lane mode MIPI signals out to the connectors since the design of the carrier board is open source.

One more question here: We have a USB interface camera, which is working fine with the 3449 B01 board. The sensor USB interface camera is 4-lane mode connecting with a MIPI-USB bridge chip. How do I modify the firmware code or driver if I skip the bridge chip and connect the 4-lane MIPI signal of the camera directly to the 4-lane MIPI connector on the modified 3449 B01 board?


Please check the sw docs in DLC for the configuration.

Another question is: on the Jetson Nano configuration, CAM0_PWDN(114), CAM0_MCLK(116) are assigned to CAM0 and CAM1_PWDN(120), CAM1_MCLK(122) are assigned to CAM1, How can I change the configuration the way like this CAM0_PWDN(114), CAM0_MCLK(116) go CAM1, CAM1_PWDN(120), CAM1_MCLK(122) go CAM0?

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