What does 4-lane mean in 4-lane CSI-2 MIPI port? | Multiple CSI-2 cameras?

I’m very new to the TK1 development platform.

In the TK1 wiki (http://elinux.org/Jetson/Cameras#Camera_interfaces_on_Jetson_TK1), it is mentioned that the TK1 board has “CSI-2 MIPI dual camera ports (one 4-lane camera port and one 1-lane camera port) through the GPIO expansion port”. I’m wondering what 4-lane or 1-lane means here.

I found this CSI-2 MIPI camera which has a “MIPI CSI-2 4lane interface”. Does that mean I can only connect one of these cameras to the TK1 board because the other CSI-2 MIPI port is only 1-lane?

Here’s another CSI-2 MIPI camera (https://www.e-consystems.com/OV4682-RGB-IR-MIPI-CAMERA-Module.asp?Interface=mipi#key-features), this one doesn’t specify if the interface is 1-lane or 4-lane. So, would I be able to connect two of these to the TK1?

I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Usually most of sensor is programmable, it can program to be 1, 2, 4 lane. For the detail setting you need to get from the vendor.

The e-CAM40_CUTK1 is a 4 lane camera and only one camera can be interfaced with the Jetson TK1 at a time. This is due to the MIPI limitation in the Jetson TK1. The TK1 SoC supports dual 4-lane cameras at the same time, but the hardware interface is not exposed in the Jetson TK1.

Our propus kit has support for interfacing dual 4-lane cameras at the same time. check it: https://www.e-consystems.com/tegra-k1-development-board.asp