2 Raspberry Pi cameras with jetson

The raspberry Pi camera seems to use a 2-lane CSI-2 interface. Since Jetson has a 4-lane CSI-2, would it be possible to connect two of such cameras?

Have you successfully connected ONE camera, before trying out 2?

No. I haven’t tried any hardware yet. I’m currently looking at the options I have.

There is no supported CSI sensor today, but we are developing a roadmap for a supported CSI sensor and expansion board. We’ll post the details as they become available.

In the meantime, we suggest using a USB camera; there are several compatible models listed on the elinux.org site: http://elinux.org/Jetson/Cameras

Are there any cards that will allow 8 cameras?

This information might be useful for you:




I am planning to interface multiple Small size spy camera(Mini size cameras) to the TK1 Board (Any interface USB,CSI etc.)for capturing 360 degree view.

Is that possible to interface spy cameras on TK1 Board? which spy camera would be suitable for the TK1 Board.

Hoping for the earnest reply.

Saurabh Pahune