CSI-2 Camera Information

Currently need to use 4 cameras with the Jetson, using 4 x USB cameras with a hub but we want a more elegant solution. I’m a physicist, not super knowledgeable about embedded computing but tech savvy. I was exploring other options such as using multiple 2-lane cameras with one of the many breakout boards (Astro/Auvidea/E-con might have one I think). I’ve had a quick google but can’t find anything useful in helping me find out HOW to interface with these devices.

Basically what I want to know, is what I am trying to achieve difficult? Does anyone have any resources/information that might assist me in being able to interface with these cameras?



Hi lachycharts,

I am not so clear about what you want to know, do you have 4 USB cameras or 4 2-lane CSI cameras to attach to TX1? TX1 supports up to 6 CSI cameras that you can find interface connections in OEM design guide. If it’s 4 USB cameras, a usb hub or a switch chip is needed.

Hi lachycharts,

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