"4K" or better CSI camera for TX1?

Are there any camera modules that work with the TX1 that do “4K” (8MP) video at 15fps or better? The TX1 has twelve CSI-2 lanes, so it should be able to support three of those. I’ll settle for two.

I have found the pointers of the camera module that’s built to work with the TK1, but it looks like it has some custom silicon to interface with the TK1.




Hello Jijikos, thank you for asking, but there are no supported 4K camera modules at this time for the Jetson TX1. The onboard camera module is the only supported camera module on the Jetson TX1.


@ctichenor : is it in some discussion to have a partner for NVIDIA to develop other camera module ?
As it was done with e-con systems for Jetson TK1 ?


This camera can do 4K video at 30 fps.


Just curious, for hardware accelerated compression, is it based on GPU or something else?

If based on other IC, can we do one hardware approach based on IC and one software approach based Cuda?

wrong post

see this camera sometime ago

it also has a USB 3.0 version, anybody tried this USB 3 on X1 board?

USB won’t do (if it did, I would obviously not be posting this, I know how to search Amazon).

Thanks @dilipkumar25, but packaged like that it’s useless. First, I need at least two cameras. Second, you are blocking a lot of other signals that are brought out to the 120-pin connector. If you plug in directly to the camera port, I can’t use your product.

Why do you assume that people would only want one camera on a board with 12 CSI lanes? This is a development board, shouldn’t your product be taking this into account and making sure that you are not obstructing a lot of other signals?

check this

if usb3.0 camera can run 1080p @ 162 fps RAW8, then 4k probably can run at least 15fps

no debayering or post processing

I really appreciate it when people take time to answer questions, but I am only looking for cameras that connect to the CSI ports and have open-source drivers. Thanks!