[Closed]Jetson TK1 or TX1 with two cameras


It is possible to connect two cameras(http://www.e-consystems.com/13MP-MIPI-Camera-nvidia-Jetson-TK1.asp#tab-3) with Jetson Board?

Best regards Viktor

TK1 supports up to 3 CSI cameras, 2x4 lane + 1x1 lane.
On Jetson TK1 board, 1x4 lane and 1x1 lane CSI interface are routed out to connector J3A2.

Thank you.
So if cameras has CSI-2 4-lane interface, i can’t connect two cameras with Jetsons solution?

I found this nice board: http://www.e-consystems.com/tegra-k1-development-board.asp#tab-1
It supports two 4-lane MIPI cameras.