Jetson TK1 support for multiple camera fees via the CSI-2

I am trying to connect 4 cameras to the Jetson TK1 via the CSI-2 pins located on the expansion port.
I only need each camera to feed grayscale video images directly into the ISP units.
I need only 2 of the 4 cameras to work concurrently, each camera feed to be processed by 1 of the 2 ISP’s.
There will be some kind of a “rotation” in the code to achieve two feeds from 2 cameras at the same time and then moving to another set of two cameras.

Can anybody tell me if this can be done and how to go about doing this in terms of hardware needed…

No CSI sensors are currently supported; please see my response at

I would like to refresh this question. Is the support for multiple CSI cameras available already?.

We updated the eLinux wiki with additional information regarding custom CSI-2 camera modules:

The documents that are referred to there are available here: