Jatson TK1 CSI2 camera

If possible that use raspberry Pi camera csi-2 2-lane on TK1 csi-2 4 lane?

Since I checked from google that CSI-2 interface support lane 1,2,3,4 that almost the same as SDIO architecture,
could you give us adivse about S/W and H/W ?

my opinion about h/w connection as below, Does it possible workable?

TK1 >>>>>>>> raspberry Pi camera
CSI_A_D0_N >>> CAM1_DN0
CSI_A_D0_P >>> CAM1_DP0
CSI_A_D1_N >>> CAM1_DN1
CSI_A_D1_P >>> CMA1_DP0

The CSI_AB controller work with 1 lane, 2 lane or 4 lane.
The hardware connection is correct for connect CSI_AB to 2 lane camera.