Jetson TK1 - MIPI CSI interface

The Technical reference manual of Jetson TK1 shows MIPI CSI interface support 4 data lanes for a camera. But the expansion connector (J3A2) in Jetson TK1 has 2 data lanes and 1 clock lane for camera A, 2 data lanes for camera b(no clock lane), 1 data lane and 1 clock lane for camera e.
My camera module have 4 data lanes and 1 clock lane as output interface. How to connect CSI interface between the camera module and Jetson TK1?


bump. I’d like to know more about this too…

There was a post from NVIDIA earlier, they’re working on their own CSI solution but no one’s been able to figure out how to get a camera module interfaced via CSI yet.

Hi jackliu

This is the pin mapping required.

J3A2 -> your 4 data lanes camera
CSI_A_D[0]_N/P -> DATA[0]_N/P
CSI_A_D[1]_N/P -> DATA[1]_N/P
CSI_B_D[0]_N/P -> DATA[2]_N/P
CSI_B_D[1]_N/P -> DATA[3]_N/P

I don’t have a good idea either how to get camera module interfaced via J3A2 connector.