Tx1 CSI camera and tx1 carrier


For a project we are considering tx1 as an embedded solution.

We need at least 3 cameras @720p minimum and 30fps minimum.

As the dev board far is too big for our application we are looking for a carrier as small as the j100 (carrier choice depends on cameras available and thus not set in stone).

For cameras, CSI-4 lanes are a requirement (2 lanes are an option but 4 lanes are preferred) is there plug and play cameras for opencv? Or do we have to create driver or use interfaces board between the CSI camera and the tx1/tx1 carrier?

Basically looking for what we should buy to get it working as fast as possible.
Bonus point if those can be send to Japan.

So any advices are welcome.

Hi Elleryn
You can get some some camera module from the scaling partner like Leopard.
You can also get USB3.0 camera for your project.

Well no.

USB port will be used for other purposes.

So our need to use CSI cameras.

Hi Elleryn,

NVIDIA enables camera partner Leopard Imaging to provide support for our platform.
Here is more info for your reference: