Need some help with dual CSI-2 camera support for ISP JPEG acceleration on TK1


I’m investigating using the Jetson TK1 together with two CSI-2 cameras for realtime MJPEG streaming with gstreamer.

Is there any information on what cameras the Linux for Tegra supports? (we need one 2- or 4-lane camera and one 1-lane camera)
As I understand it from documentations and other forums, it is not enough with a v4l2 driver. It needs to be one that supports the Tegra Image Processor.

We want to capture one 1080p @25 fps and one 720p @25 fps and do low-latency jpeg compressing. From what I can see in the data sheets, the image processor should be able to handle that.

In addition, anyone know of any reference designs, application notes or schematics on how to connect two supported cameras to the expansion header? Seems like special attention to power up sequence and lever conversions might be needed.

Hi Klemetsson,

We have enabled camera partner to support our Jetson platform, but most of them are for TX1, it’s better to move your project to TX1 to gain more support from there, you can find their contact information from below link:

If you want to develop on TK1, then USB camera is more suitable.