Have reference or how to do Sony IMX214 CSI camera driver porting for Jetson TK1

I try to porting the Sony IMX214 CSI camera driver to TK1.
But I am not know well about TK1, still study now.
Below are my issues:
How to enable the CAM power supply rail?
How to enable/control Camera/CSI?
How to check the Camera/CSI normal work or not?
How to enable, control and check VI?
What I lost? or what I need to know more?

Thank everyone for your help.

The Jetson TK1 Linux for Tegra BSP does not provide an API for the Tegra ISP. The BSP does expose support for both CSI busses and can be used to capture raw camera data, or data from camera modules that produce monochrome or YUV formats. USB and Gigabit Ethernet can also be used to capture camera data. A partial list is documented on the Jetson TK1 wiki: http://elinux.org/Jetson_TK1

Any luck on the CSI interface?
Also How is the video capture done? is it using the V4L2 calls or use the Gstreamer?
I have seen that there is no documentation on the ISP part and how to program the same ? Any light on this?
Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Hi ,
I am also trying to interface CSI camera.Any updates on this?