using ISP to convert bayer image to yuv data

how to convert bayer image data specifically of format V4L2_PIX_FMT_SBGGR10 to YUV using ISP module ?

How to directly link CSI or VI output to ISP input in kernel ? which driver to use and how ?

we are using L4R release 21.4.

Thanks in advance

What camera you are using?

we are using omni vision camera (OV4689) which provides 10 bit RGB bayer images. we want to convert this images in YUV format.
as per TRM, ISP module can convert bayer image to YUV. but we dont find any driver for that uses ISP to receive images from VI module and convert it into YUV and store in memory.

actually we want following pipeline via v4l2 subsytem.

camera -> CSI -> VI -> ISP -> memory

PratikPatel, did you get any information regarding the ISP? I was once told that only the big phone/tablet manufacturers would have access to CSI and ISP.

not yet.

The situation has not changed since I posted here:

Here’s a repost of the reply:

The Jetson TK1 Linux for Tegra BSP does not provide an API for the Tegra ISP. The BSP does expose support for both CSI busses and can be used to capture raw camera data, or data from camera modules that produce monochrome or YUV formats. USB and Gigabit Ethernet can also be used to capture camera data. A partial list is documented on the Jetson TK1 wiki: