Connecting CSI-2 camera module (raspberry pi camera module) to a Jetson TK1 Dev Kit

I just bought a Jetson TK1 dev kit last week and i’m new to the scene. I wanted to work on some computer vision applications and wanted to know how I could connect my raspberry pi camera module to my board. I’ve gone through some pages on the internet and they’ve all seemed to point to CSI-2. Could someone actually tell me how I can make the physical connections and how I could get it up and running on my Jetson?
Thank you,

Hi KarunTheWarrior,

This is not an easy task, but it is possible by using the information shown in the Tegra K1 Embedded Platform Design Guide - , see Chapter 3.6: Video Input Interfaces and taking care of the following guidelines:

1.GPIO/Pinmux selection, take care of the same power rail level and on/off power domain in different use case
2.Take care of the FPC and connector quality
3.EMI isolation from the nearby source
4.Suggest independent LDO source for sensitive rails
5.Check the I2C speed of the clients on the same I2C bus, which impact the camera response time

And you may also ask more info from other developers, see also link: