6 raspberry pi cameras

Hi folks,

I’m a newbie when it comes to anything hardware related (20 years in the software field). I’m trying to figure out how to connect 6 raspberry pi camera modules to a tx1. I have a Shield TV with all the Ubuntu bells and whistles. Is there a guide someplace that covers the hardware side of things as well as capture on linux?

Thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has managed to get one RasPi camera working on a Tegra board, though many have tried. Trying to connect it to a Shield TV would add another layer of complexity vs. a regular Jetson board.

Thank you for your reply. Has anyone had any luck with any other cameras other than the USB kind?

Yes, there’s a few CSI cameras out there besides the camera that comes with the Jetson TX1 Dev Kit. This thread links to a few other threads involving non-USB cameras.

But again, I don’t know of anyone who’s connected cameras of any sort to the Shield TV (I’d assume that USB would work, but we don’t often talk about Shield TV in this forum).

We are working to create the driver for IMX219 sensor included in raspberry PI camera v2 for tegra X1, we are using J20 from auvidea to test 6 cameras. I will let you know when the driver is done. If you need more details please let me know

Cool! Please let me know when it is ready as well! I already have a Auvidea J120, the appropriate ribbon cable, and both raspberry-pi cameras.

You can find some instructions for the J20 here:

Just as an update on the camera driver for IMX219 (raspberry pi v2 camera). At this point we were able to get in place a driver for the J20 that basically initialize the GPIO expanders so we can use the cameras and also we have a driver for the IMX219 that allow us to capture images using v4l2src. The images look good but we are having some problems with the resolution, just to give you an example, capturing a 1920x1080 frame we get a 1920x2464 image. So at this point we are cleaning the driver and checking some of the camera registers to get all the resolutions working.

We are using latest R24.2 and media controller for this driver, both drivers can be compiled built-in. I will keep you updated with the progress, and we will create a wiki page with example pipelines.

We solved the resolution problems and also are now able to use several IMX219 cameras with the J20 board.

Thank you, David!

Now it is possible to test with several cameras and use the ISP to convert the data and be able to encode it:


Invaluable info. Thank you again, David, for the info and keeping this thread alive.

Hi Sasha,

Do have a look at our page for more options for interfacing multiple cameras to the Jetson TX1.


Will you put a link to the web store like this one:

We were customers of econ-systems, I was clicking your link many times since April only fond it’s not in your web store.

leopard imaging sold us the TX1 kits with FREE driver, software source and instructions. The cameras are working!


yes we’ve updated, kindly check our webstore link: https://www.e-consystems.com/webstore.asp#130CUTX1

Our company will order few of those. We hope they were made with cables to support multiple cameras like LI-IMX274 kits.

Will 6 cameras kit on webstore soon?

yes, kindly check our webstore link.