How is one Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 connected to JTX1

The interface to RPi Camera is CSI, if external shields are not expected, what are the simplest direct connection styles? I read all relevant posts in the JTX1 forum but found no definitive answer. There are plenty of discussions, it turns out the topic is very important. Could u sent out a big picture and a definitive solution to toplist?


You could buy Auvidea J20 to connect Pi cameras (V1.3 or V2.1) to Nvidia TX1 carrier card.

You could buy Pi camera V2.1 driver from Ridgerun or write driver, the following link has information for developing Pi V1.3 camera driver:

If someone is interested in writing V1.3 or V2.1 driver, I can provide captured I2C communications between Pi cameras and Pi.

Cospan provided his modified kernel for Pi Camera V1.3, there are some work for Pi Camera V2.1:

As Cospan pointed out, "The notable differences for the ov5647 are in:


There are some files for IMX219 (Pi camera V2.1) in the above link.

Exception, I cannot retrieve the purchase info about Auvidea J20 from other URLs like amazon, newegg and taobao. Could u recommend some other URLs to buy it

That’s weird. I was able to click your link above and get price information:

SKU model description availability net price incl. 19% VAT
Video processing modules
tbd J20 6 CSI-2 camera adapter for the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 dev kit (38212-2) Dec. 2016 €149.00 €177.31

Or you can email to get updated price and delivery information:

BTW, I was able to have Pi camera V1.3 working on Nvidia carrier card and J20 using some code from Cospan.


Thx yahoo2016

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to connect Pi camera v2.1 to TX1 on J100 using jetpack3.0, kernel 3.10.96.

I tried to create dtsi file for camera based on dtsi file of camera E3322 in /kernel_source/arch/arm64/boot/dts/tegra210-platform and modify driver imx219 on /kernel_source/drivers/media/i2c but only able to probe the driver. The probe function stopped at

match = of_match_device(imx219_of_match, &client->dev);

when it parsed the dtsi file.

Do anyone have any advices to help me?