How can I use the RPI camera or dev kit camera with Auvidea J140 Carrier Board?

I’ve tried to using the RPi Camera with the Jetson TX2 through the CSI port of the J140 Carrierboard.

But whether they are connected or not, there is no “video” in /dev , like /dev/video0 or /dev/video1.

And I found the article like this :

that let me know Auvidea didn’t support the RPI camera for TX2 at 01/18/2018.

and this :

at that topic Auvidea said, at least, TX2 supports the RPI camera and also the developer kit camera (or only RPI cam).

Well, those make me confused So the Question is:

  1. Is Auvidea J140 support the RPI camera for TX2 through CSI port? If so, how can I use it?

  2. Is possible to use devkit camera with Auividea 140?

  3. I want to use dev kit camera module but with only camera(Sunny Optical p5v27c?) without the board if possible.
    I found that the camera is able to be detached from the ‘dev kit camera module’.
    The camera has FFC 23p 0.3mm cable, and J140 has 22 pin 4 lane CSI-2 connector with 0.5mm pitch.
    So would it possible to connect the camera(p5v27c) to J140 directly?
    Would it work without setting some driver?
    And can I get some adapter on web that can connect between the camera and J140?
    Or is it easy to make the schematics of adapter FFC 23p 0.3mm to 22p 0.5mm?

  4. If Q.1 and Q.2 both are not supported with J140, Could you recommend some camera similar with RPI camera (not expensive, small, don’t have to have good performance) working with TX2&J140?

There are a lot of questions, but you don’t have to answer all of above, just explain to the best of your knowledge.

Thanks in advance :)

Did you end up figuring this out?

Hi, rakshith.madhavan

Well, I can’t find the any way to use CSI Cameras on Auvidea board. So I’ve given up.

Instead, I found that some USB cameras are properly working on jetson modules.

Check the link below, it will be helpful if you want to use camera on jetson:

Damn, I don’t have that option right now unless you know any USB 3.0 cameras which you can just buy off the bat.
Thanks anyway.