JN30B carrier board and Raspberry V2.1 camera

Hi all!

I have been working with a USB camera on a JN30B carrier board from Auvidea.
I had to replace the camera and purchased an RPi v2.1 camera after seeing that the carrier board natively supports it.

The problem is that when I connect the camera to the CSI-CD port there is no video0 device coming up in /dev.
I do not know how else to check if the device is indeed connected and working. The camera is based on IMX219 and therefore the drivers should already be present.

FYI I use a 22 PIN to 15 PIN cable to connect the RPi camera.

Anyone came across this issue before?

Thank you in advance!

Hi infoh4uzi,

Please contact with Auvidea support - https://auvidea.eu/support/