Choosing the right carrier board


I am currently working on a robotics application with the TX2 and I need some help choosing the right carrier board. I would really appreciate any recommendations! I already looked at the boards that you can find through google like the ones from connecttech or auvidea, but I am not entirely sure if they work with the TX2 and have everything I need. Here are the requirements:
-I2C bus
-SPI bus
-3x GPIOs
-2x USB
-4x CSI port for Raspberry Pi cameras (although I am not entirely sure if using Raspberry pi cameras would even work or if I should rather try USB cameras. The robot basically rolls around and has four cameras attached, so I need to take high-res pictures with a high shutter speed and framerate of about 5 fps. I tried a USB camera, but found no way to adjust the shutter speed, and I fear that the USB bus is not able to handle the data traffic. --> am I correct with my decision to use CSI instead? And do Raspberry Pi cameras even work on the TX2?)

Thank you so much for your help! I love the TX2 and developing applications for it, but for someone who only worked on pure software development and with the Raspberry Pi, this whole TX2 universe is still pretty overwhelming and complicated, so I am thankful for any piece of advice.



i works on Auvidea J120, but there are few GPIO, but you can check auvidea products like J100 for multi-camera ( ).

If there are an another dev who had try any Carry Board … a feebback is wellcome

last solution, dev your board … good luck ;)

Thank you for the response! So the Raspberry Pi cameras work also with the TX2 using the J120 board? If yes, did you use any third-party software to get it working, did it just work after you plugged it in or did you use software provided by auvidea? Thank you so much!!!

i think you must dev your software … and may be see for make your drivers or contact auvidea/eCon.
You can use e-Con product on development kit.

Pi camera

CSI port for TX1 development kit

Dev kit e-Con :

What might work on TX1 may be will not work on TX2. And the kernel version is important.

You can contact Ridgerun team for more help :

Thank you this was very helpful! I’ll contact the people you linked here I’ll make another Post as soon as I find out how to do it/when I made it work. Thanks!!

I am trying to get auvidea v1.6 firmware updated for the J120 using the TX2i and I am getting problems with the USB ports not working. Have you solved this issue and can you help with this. Auvidea’s support isn’t really that helpful and the readme’s that come with them I’ve followed but it still does not seem to work. I have followed them exactly verbatim and still they do not work.

What experiences have you had with the J120. Has it only been with the TX1?

hi @mdmorar try this thread
mounting nvme with j120