Opinions on carrier boards

I’m looking for a compact carrier board for a camera module and hdmi connection. Does anyone have any recomendations for this?

Hi dbrownrxvs0,

Not sure the details of you requirement, but you could find those information from ecosystem page:


Thanks for the link. I suppose in hindsight I was looking more for insights on vendor, build quality, etc. Does anyone who has worked with boards on that link have any specific recommendations or warnings?


If you do not have to use HDMI, I can give you a tip. You can use VNC using wireless.
I did as follows,

  1. enable desktop sharing (http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/07/remote-access-ubuntu-16-04/) and setup the connection to wireless AP. Note that it should be done on development kits.
  2. install vnc client on your PC (I used tightVNC on my windows pc).

I’m helping my son to spec our the platform for his next research project and Jetson caught my interest as well. However, from what I understood after browsing these forums (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the situation with carrier boards is very grave. There are compatibility issues with TX1 vs TX2, compatibility issues between kernel 3.10 and 4.1, device tree issues, lack of driver support for even basic hardware like RaPi cameras and so forth… Not even to mention the pricing. I’m afraid you are stuck with using dev board, unless you have capabilities to produce your own boards.


This is what I was looking for albertr. I’ll dig deeper before buying a specific board on compatability. Thanks!

Good luck, and please share your experience with the carrier board you picked. I’m on the same boat, and was looking at the boards which have x2 USB3 ports, HDMI out, x2 CSI-2 (two or four lanes), 2x UARTs, GPIOs/i2c/SPI exposed via connector or soldering pads and preferably have M.2 type M 2280 connector. The closest I found was Auvidea J120, but it doesn’t have a second CSI-2 nor many GPIO exposed. Based on number of complains on this forum, I’m not even sure that its claimed functionality works with TX2 and latest 4.1 linux kernel. And nobody is able to clarify what works and what doesn’t.

I really hope that Nvidia is listening and either step in with offering their own carrier boards or work with some major chinese houses to produce a number of boards at reasonable price point and compatibility level.