Jetson TX2 develop kit Need compatible screen&camera&speaker

Need those devices, but seems the connector ‘Samtec QTH-060-01-H-D-A’ is not very common, are there any supporting module
or recommended product convenient to use?

You can buy the connectors from Digi-Key; they have some Samtecs in stock, and the once that aren’t in stock are minimum order 1 and shipping time 3 weeks.

However, the board that comes with the TX2 devkit already comes with a camera, and HDMI output that you can plug into whatever display (with speakers) you want. I highly recommend getting the devkit, rather than the bare module.

You can also use USB cameras.

You can also use a variety of other carrier boards:

There are a variety of vendors with MIPI camera boards, too, depending on needs:;jsessionid=7A4B88D7F3147AA28005A07E531799B0.p3plqscsfapp004?productId=334&categoryId=44

If you have more specific needs (size, capability, etc) then you need to be more specific in your request.

Thank you snarky.
I saw some products there
Are TX1 matching products fully compatible with TX2?
In fact I am looking for a 7 inch LCD which has a speaker.

Adafruit has some 7" HDMI LCD displays, some with audio. If you want to go cheap, you could try direct from China via aliexpress or ebay, both have 7" HDMI displays with audio. In theory, devices for the TX1 work with the TX2. In practice, your mileage may vary a bit.

“All of our TX1 cameras are compatible with TX2 platform. Only the driver for TX1 and TX2 is not same. We haven’t got the driver on TX2 ready. We will release soon.”
—This is official reply… I saw the contrast document of TX1&TX2, the camera signals seems same. Is a pity if I have to use a USB camera bacause of the driver…

If you want the camera TODAY then you either have to contract with a driver house that can roll a new custom driver quickly, or use USB, or use one of the very few cameras that seem to actually have already demo-ed on TX2.

If you have a couple of months, then chances are that many more cameras will be supported at that time.

There are multiple camera products that are compatible for Jetson Tx2 development Kit:
e-CAM131_CUTX2, e-CAM31_TX2, e-CAM130_CUTX1, e-CAM30_CUTX1, HexCamera are some of the camera boards that can be used with JETSON TX2 Devlopment kit.

Jetson TX2/TX1 cameras :

Jetson TX2 camera :

I would like to buy a speaker which can be connected to Jetson TX2 board. Which is the compatible speaker?

Also, is Jetson TX2 camera driver issue resolved ?

Can I use the Jetson TX2 camera using openCV API ?

Please let me know.