HDMI in Nvidia Jetson TX2.

Hi everyone,
I am working with Nvidia Jetson TX2 and I have a question.
I would like to stop using the developer kit and use only nvidia jetson tx2, due to the size of each board.
Would it be possible to connect an HDMI cable to jetson tx2 without the need of the developer kit?

Thanks in advance and greetings.

There are several third party carrier boards which are smaller. There are a number of requirements for bringing up the module, e.g., power rails, and so you wouldn’t be able to directly solder or connect to pins and have it work. You might check out some of the URLs here:
(if you click on “carrier” or “carrier board”, and then “learn more”, this would be a good start)

Some people do build their own carrier boards, but this takes advanced knowledge (unless you’ve done this before you wouldn’t want to try it).

OK, perfect.
I have been looking at different types of boards and it seems they are very useful.
I will try some of them to work with nvidia jetson.
Thank you.

Do be sure to check for the software board support package at each carrier board’s manufacturer web site to see which releases are supported. There is normally a lag between when a new release comes out here and when third party manufacturers update their own BSP.