the TX2 modual compatibility

Hello NVIDIA, I need your help.
We use TX2 modual and Jetson TX1 Developer Kit carrier board, but we can’t use USB2.0.
AT Qing Hua meeting, we meet your engineers, they say that the external design with USB2.0.
Is same, but the internal command channels have changed. If downloading new drivers,and compiler program, then tx2 modual can be adapted with Jetson TX1 Developer Kit carrier board. but only your engineers can finish it.
We wish you can provide a modified TX2 modual,then we test if TX2 modual and Jetson TX1 Developer Kit carrier board can work well, we want to buy 20 pcs Jetson TX2 Developer Kit firstly。This is propitious to be compatible with the PCB Board , I wish your reply. Thank you!

Hi yangna2,

Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2 modules are pin and software compatible, there should be no USB port issue you mentioned. Which BSP SW you’re using on TX2?
Could you try with JetPack 3.1 (or 3.2 DP) to flash your TX2 to newer version?



We have the same issue.
We use tx1/tx2 with tx1 carrier and the usb works all.

But with our carrier board, usb works with tx1 module, but not with tx2.

Any idea ?
Is there a way to solve it in software ? Maybe in device tree ?

Thank you,

hi ranchu,

Please file a new topic and give us more detail about your issue.