TX2 ethernet & USB can not work on the carrier board designed on my own

TX2 can not make ethernet & USB work while TX1 works well on the same carrier board
I have reviewed the design but have no ideas about troubleshooting
what should I do?

Step 1: Probe with a scope or logic analyzer on the module interface to see that you get the signals you expect to make sure the module is configured to use the appropriate pins in the appropriate modes.

If USB works for TX1, have you changed device tree following the link:


It is weird that ethernet also not working. Ethernet is not directly related to USB configuration on tx2.

Does this problem only happen to your carrier board? Could you reproduce this error on nvidia developer kit?

Please share your dmesg.

Also, do you see any new log added into dmesg if you plugging a usb device?

Any update?

Thank you for your patient answer
I am trying to do as yahoo2016 said, but now my device even can not boot up
I’ll post my log later


Any log for your problem? Have you resolved it?

I have resolved it now
Thank you very much