USB0 on custom carrier board


We have designed a custom carrier board for Jetson TX2 module.
USB0 port is not working on it, and we are unable to ssh to the board using USB0 (With IP).
We flashed the Jetson TX2 module on P2597 carrier board using SDK manager with Jetpack 4.5.1
The Jetson TX2 powers up on our board, and we can access it using WiFi and ssh.

Our design is very similar to the P2597 schematic, except we removed the unwanted interfaces (peripherals). We have a USB (USB0), PCIe, I2C, CAN, and SPI on our board.

First of all, I have a very basic question:

In this case, is it necessary to manipulate the device tree to enable the functionality of, for example, USB0?
I think it should work without any change in device tree.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I cannot have certain for whether this would work or not. We’ve seen too many users telling us “their carrier board is same as p2597” but turns out they are not. Even some minor change may make usb not work.

You can check the usb porting guide and see if it needs to change anything to match your board.

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Thanks WayneWWW

You are right.

I checked “Porting USB” section and realized that I did not consider proper connection for USB0_VBUS_DET pin, which is important in “cable state” in USB otg device tree.

So, I will start a new topic with appropriate title.

Thanks a lot.

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