TX2 NX - How to enable USB host mode for USB0 (USB2.0 Port 0)


I am working on a custom carrier board for the TX2 NX. I am using USB0 to flash the device and was wondering if it could also work in host-mode. As far as I understand, the device is always in device-mode, when the Jetson is in recovery mode. In regular mode, I would like it to be either in host mode or work as an otg device.
For the first case, would it be sufficient to connect 1v8 to USB0_VBUS or do I need to modify the device tree as well? I noticed that I will have to change the pinmux to change GPIO00 from a regular GPIO to USB_VBUS_EN0, but as it involves a complete reflash, I wanted to confirm first.

For OTG, should I follow the procedure from here and adapt to the TX2 NX where necessary?

I would start by implementing whichever one is easier first.

Please note that I am using a manual jumper to set USB0_VBUS

Thanks in advance!

The device tree in this post is a valid example for OTG port. Please refer to it and apply it to the device tree for your custom board. For detail of device tree programming, please check adaptation guide

Hi DaneLLL,
thanks for the fast response.

Is the regular host-mode expected to work out of the box or does it require similar changes?

The default developer kit is TX2 NX module + Xavier NX carrier board(p3509). In this set up, the micro-B port works in device mode only due to hardware design.

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