Can the USB 3.0 port (3.0 &2.0) of Jetson Nano act as dual mode (host & device mode)?

The reference design of Jetson Nano EVB shows the USB 3.0 port as host. The project application need the USB port of Jetson Nano to support dual mode (Host & device mode). We would like to confirm if the USB3.0 port of Jetson Nano can support dual mode (host & device)? If yes, how HW need to modify the design? Thanks for your help.

No. Only USB0 port can be device mode. Other ports are host mode only.

port0 is USB2.0 only? No USB3.0?

  1. Can USBSS (PEX_RX6 P/N & PEX_TX6 P/N) be support OTG (HOST & device mode)? 2. USBSS (PEX_RX6 P/N & PEX_TX6 P/N) pair with USB0 as a USB3.0 OTG port ?

Existing dev kit ports don’t have the wiring. If you are making your own custom carrier board, then you could in theory add the wiring and adjust the device tree.

Please refer to this topic: Jetson TX1 USB3.0 OTG

Thanks for your help.

A successful case is to design a custom board with USB2.0 OTG. Please refer to
USB 2.0 Functionality - #15 by arvindprksh