Use Jetson Nano Micro USB port as a Host


I would like to ask, if there is a possibility to use Micro USB port of Jetson Nano as a USB Host and not as a device? According to user guide:

  1. If J48 pins are not connected, you can power the developer kit from a 5V⎓2A Micro-USB power supply
  2. If J48 pins are connected, operates in Device Mode.

So, is the second mentioned (J48 pins connected) possible to combine with operating in Host mode?

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The micro USB port J28 can only work in device mode. Host mode is not supported in this port.

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I have one additional question to this. I am designing my own carrier board. So I want to know if it is possible to design carrier board, which can use J28 port in host mode too (ID PIN = LOW).

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We don’t support J28 running in host mode. It is only supported to be run in device mode. Please consider to have a Type-A port for host mode.

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Hi, I am dealing with the same issue on my custom carrier board, but I am little confused now.

In Jetson_Nano_Module_Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm document is stated that pins 109/111 can be used as USB 2.0 Micro AB.

109- USB0_DN / USB 2.0 Port 0 Data– / USB 2.0 Micro AB
111- USB0_DP / USB 2.0 Port 0 Data+ / USB 2.0 Micro AB

So is that information incorrect and USB0 Port can by configured only as the B side (device) port even with the right A-type connector ?

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Tomas Vrsansky

The connector is micro-AB, but the controller attached is device mode only.

For more information, please share why you need micro AB port in your usecase. For OTG function, more devices use type C port now.


I get a question related to this topic:

In the HW design guide doc I’ve read that : “USB0 must be available to use as USB Device for USB Recovery Mode.”

May we use the USB0 port (J28) as slave device (device mode) connected to a HOST computer (ARM board) ?
Just to transfer data from HOST to JNN.
Or must we keep this port available for the recovery usage only ?


Hi bf,
We have required files in


If you boot to Ubuntu desktop and then connect to a Host PC(x86 and Ubuntu OS), the guidance should pop up.

I have a similar question, but with the Jetson NX. I have a custom board and would like to use USB0 as a host to plug in a USB camera instead of a debug port. Is this possible? Can I modify the device tree to get this working? I have other things plugged into the other USB devices and would like to avoid having to have a USB hub. Having an ID pin for this would have been really nice.

Hi ocampo,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue, we will support you via there, thanks.

Hello, @DaneLLL

What are device mode and host mode here?
I know that the micoroUSB port is only for installing the OS (flashing), can I understand it this way?

Thank you.

When Jetson Nano is booted, if you connect Nano to a x86 host PC(Windows OS or Ubuntu OS), you can see Nano run in USB device mode and a README pops up.

Please give it a try and check the README.

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You couldn’t plug a keyboard into that port, but you could plug the Nano into another computer and the Nano would pretend to be a device (such as the mass storage device demonstrated by the README which @DaneLLL mentions).

Most OTG ports can be used in either device mode (with the micro-B USB connected) or in host mode (with a micro-A USB connected), but no hardware was set up for use as host mode on this model.

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