Jetson nano USB3.0 device port


We have our custom carrier board for Jetson Nano.

On that we have given USB3.0 type A connector.

By default can connector is Host port (sourcing supply).

That works fine.

Now we had new requirement that the same port we want to operate in Device mode.

According to that we made hardware changes related to VBUS sensing.

Also we made the changes in dtsi files. (please find the attachments.)

After doing all this if we connect that port to host it gets detected as device.

But only issue that it detect as USB2 device not as USB3 device. We have not change the specification of USB 2-1 port but it work only in USB2.0 mode.

Please guide us on that.
DTSI_CHANGE.txt (3.3 KB)

For the OTG port, do you design it as a type-C port or micro-B port? For type-A port, we would expect it to be a host-mode-only port.

As NVIDIA SOMs having only one USB 3.0 port in our custom board we had provision that we can use it as host for some application and some cases we can able to make it as device port.
Please check attached schematic.
VBUS detect is done same like USB 2.0 device port.
VBUS detect is given to GPIO00 pin of SOM.
After doing above given DTSI changes when I connect my board through this Type A connector to Host using USB 2.0 type A to type A cable its been get detected.
But when I use USB 3.0 type A to type A cable board is not get detected.
Please guide us on this.

For OTG port you would need to have VBUS pin and VBUS_ID pin. It does not work if there is only VBUS pin. Please refer to the hardware design and software device tree in
USB 2.0 Functionality - #15 by arvindprksh

Hi DaneLLL,
Thanking you for the response.
We don’t want to use this port as otg.
We want to use it as usb3.0 device port.

Hi DaneLLL,
Any updates on above please

It may not work properly if the hardware design does not fit device tree. But for quick try, you can enable the USB3 port in xusb@70090000 and xudc@700d0000

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