USB ports device mode

I want to converter USB2.0 -2 and USB3.0 ports of Jetson Nano SOMs into device mode.
I made changes in DTB file to convert these ports in device mode but as soon as I restart the system none of USB port is functional.
Is converting these ports in to device mode only dtb changes is sufficient or we need to do some more adaptation?
Please guide us on this.

Better sharing us what you’ve modified instead of only providing such description.

I can’t answer on USB-C, but if your USB2 ports are type-A, then they are not wired to work as device mode. The micro-OTG port works as device or host mode because it accepts either a type-A or type-B micro USB connector, and an ID pin tells the system which type of connector is present.

DTS changes for USB.docx (3.2 KB)
Thanks a lot for reply.
Please check the attached part of DTB file which I changed.
Basically I made changes in xusb_padctl@3520000 section port control.
Initially USB2-2 is defined in “host” mode that I changed to “device” mode.
But as I restart the system none of USB work.

This change is not sufficient. Usb device mode requires to tell the board about the vbus and id pin interaction.

Also, xudc driver needs to know it since xudc is the usb device controller. Please refer to the adaptation guide for tutorial.

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