USB0 to host mode only, doesn't work if things are plugged in at boot to USB0

I know this question gets asked a lot, but I am finding my situation different.

I changed “otg” to “host” and as long as I start the Jetson Nano with nothing plugged into USB0 it works if I then plug something in. However. If I try and boot with something in the port, neither it nor the other USB port work until I reboot.

I am never using USB0 as OTG. I need an additional USBA port so this works perfect for me. But I’d really like to make it so things can stay plugged in at boot.

Do you use custom board or developer kit? The device tree has to fit hardware design and cannot be changed arbitrarily. Please make sure the USB0 port is designed as a host-mode-only port.

Yes, this is a custom carrier and the USB0 port is designed to only be used in host mode.

You would need to modify device tree to fit hardware design. Please check Porting USB section in adaptation gudie

I see the section now on the device tree, thank you. I will go through that and report back on my results.

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