Jetson Nano USB0 Usage

Dear Personnel,
We have a baseboard designed for the Jetson Nano. We managed to flash the OS into the newer B01 production module with our baseboard. So currently, we have the stock BSP running on the system.
We have provisions to isolate the power in host & device mode on USB0. When we tried to access the USB0 in host mode, we were unable to see any device detection. We couldn’t also find any solid information that this interface supports only device mode operation.

Could you please confirm if the USB0 interface supports both host & device mode operations but in the stock BSP the host mode operation is disabled?

The micro-B port works in device mode only. Please check

Is this applicable for the B01 carrier board or the USB0 interface as a whole?

A user has designed his board to have OTG function. Please refer to

Hello DaneLLL,
I think there is a bit confusion here. My OTG port works perfectly on the custom carrier board we designed. We even flashed a fresh B01 module on the custom carrier. I am wondering if the same OTG port can be used in host mode later on.

It depends on the hardware design of the custom carrier board. If you copy the same design as developer kit, it can only work in device mode. The behavior is explained in

My custom carrier has a USB Type A connector, with provisions to isolate/connect power to this connector. If I use the stock BSP from NVIDIA it will only work in device mode. But if I change the device tree and provide power to this connector, can I have this port working in host mode? Or the USB2 controller on the SoM just supports the device mode?

Yes. usb2-0 can work in host mode. Please refer to Porting USB in adaptation guide.