Jetson Nano as USB3.0 device/peripheral

Dear all:

Could anyone help confirm whether the Jetson Nano module supports USB3.0 device mode?

I understand this is not possible with the dev kit (it has only USB3.0 typeA port) so we will need to design customized carrier board with typeB or typeC port. But before we dive into HW design, I would like to confirm the xUSB controller and the associated pins can actually support this working mode. Any HW reference design link would also be highly appreciated.

PS: I’ve already read this relevent thread: How to set jetson nano usb3.0 as device mode, in which the answer suggests this should be possible at least from SW perspective.

Thanks beforehand for the help!
Justin Guo

Could anyone help confirm? Thx.

With proper hardware design, it is possible. However, there is no existing design for reference.

There is a valid design of USB2 OTG. FYR.

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Hello DaneLLL:

Thanks for the confirmation! Our application requires USB3.0 level bandwidth so 2.0 OTG is not an option. Anyway, with your positive feedback we will proceed with the customized HW design. We do have some reference design of USB3.0 TypeB port and TypeC dual-role port on other ARM based SoCs, which we will use as starting points.

Justin Guo

Hi @junrong.guo. Did you manage to get the Nano module working well as USB3 device? Did you use USB-C?