Does jetson nano have USB 3.0? User manual vs Google bard

Does Jetson Nano have USB3.0 sockets? The user manual states yes. Google bard tells me it is a mistake of the user manual…
Whom should I believe? I hope the humans behind the data sheet…

The Nano dev kit has USB 3. If it is on a custom carrier board though, then that carrier board must (A) support USB 3 wiring, and (B) have a proper device tree setup. Also, devices connected require the ability to use USB 3. Additionally, if signal quality is insufficient, it will revert back to USB 2.

The definitive answer is to run “lsusb -t” on it. The part in question is the root HUB. At the end of the line is a statement of the speed. 480M indicates 480Mbit/s, which is USB 2. 5000M indicates USB3 (either USB3.0 or USB3.1 gen. 1). This tree view shows which root HUB each device runs from.

I will add though that sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of what USB 3 can do. For example, if there are two ports which share the same root HUB, then they can only split that bandwidth. If you are asking because you have a specific purpose in mind, then you might want to describe this.

The original Nano is quite old though. It is low cost. If you need actual performance, and not just demo technology, then you probably need to move up to at least Xavier Nano. Top of the line in small form factor would be based on Orin.

Do you have a URL for the part which says the manual is mistaken?

I have no URL as the answer was given by bard, the google’s AI.

The AI answer is wrong. I suspect it “learned” that sometimes USB3 does not function. What it answers is that it is missing, and what it fails to understand is that there are reasons why sometimes USB3 gives problems. It is actually the nature of USB3, whereby if there is insufficient signal quality, the controller will revert back to the slower USB2 (which switches to a different controller; USB2 controllers have compatibility modes for USB1.1 and 1.0, but USB3 is always purely USB3, and switching modes is via rerouting to the legacy USB2 controller; this makes it look like it is missing USB3, but it works again when signal issues are resolved).

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