USB Clarifications on Jetson Nano

I’d appreciate some clarification on the Jetson Nano USB ports:

• Can all three USB 2.0 ports be used either as a host or a client?
• How do you set a port to be a host or a client?
• Can the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port be used either as a host or a client?
• Again how to set it to be a host or client?
• Does the USB Supper Speed part need to be coupled with a particular USB 2.0 port? This is usually the case.

Please refer to ‘USB AND PCIE’ in
‘Porting USB’ in

Please check table 6/7 in product design guide. You can use

usb2-0: 109 111
usb2-1: 115 117
usb2-2: 121 123
usb3: 161 163 166 168

Figure 7 is the hardware layout of default board. You may refer to it as a reference hardware design. Please note that ID pin is floating, so the micro B port is in device mode only.

Please also refer to ‘For an OTG (On-The-Go) Port’ in adaptation guide.


No, the ports cannot be used as a host or a client on devkit. It is possible with proper hardware design on a custom carrier board. Please refer to product design guide on the devkit design and make proper design in VBUS and ID pin on your carrier board. For software device tree programming, please refer to adaptation guide.

Yes, USB3 has to be paired with USB2.